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Benefits of B2B industrial marketing

Marketing is becoming more and more important in companies in the industrial sector, which is why its implementation opens up an enormous range of possibilities. If you have not yet considered industrial marketing actions for your company, you should ...

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Does my company need a blog?

A blog is a tool that helps companies attract new customers and can generate recurring visits. And does your website have a blog? Have you considered implementing one? For any company it is important to have a website because it is one more way to ...

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Appear in the first search results with a website

Tricks to improve the positioning of your website and climb to the first page of search? Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing have become the reference for many users when they want to locate a company. In this way, those thick phone ...

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Trends in web design for 2019

Do you want to know what will be the main elements that will influence the look and feel of websites next year? As is traditional, each time a year ends and a new one begins, we are expectant about the novelties it will bring, this is the case of 2019. In ...

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How to Make a Marketing Plan

Keys to making a market plan We explain all the necessary steps you need to take before starting any business project The marketing plan is the instrument that structures any business project. It is indispensable for the beginning of any business ...

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Knowing the new Instagram algorithm

Applying these basic tips so you can succeed in this social network When algorithm changes occur, companies have to be alert. This implies that what was done up to now is no longer valid in part or whole. This usually happens with Google in SEO or ...

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The increase in voice searches transforms advertising

Voice searches will use much more natural speech and have a much more local character Technological advances are facilitating our relationship with new technologies. In particular, voice searches will facilitate the task of searching more quickly on ...

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How Blockchain Technology Is Changing Digital Marketing

This technology makes advertising campaigns much more effective and personalized The blockchain is a technology that allows content to be stored in such a way that it can not be manipulated when it has been published. It is a database formed by blocks ...

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Do you know how to take advantage of video advertising?

It is the most convincing medium against other kind of content and the best for transmiting emotion Did you know that nowadays more and more companies are using video advertising? The proof is that every time you try to play a video on a website that ...

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Influencers created with artificial intelligence

Ways to detect whether content is created by artificial intelligence What at first seems to have been taken from a science fiction film, is gradually becoming a reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and it’s here to stay. It is being ...

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The RGPD and its impact on email marketing

The changes brought about by the new General Data Protection Regulations On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation or RGPD entered into force.  This has a direct impact on email marketing. And all email marketing professionals ...

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Lead Scoring is the strategy to get more customers

Easily identify your customers who are interested in buying your products and services As you know, lead conversion, that is, customers buying our products or services is vital to the success of any online business. And to do this, the interest of ...

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Email marketing: tips to improve your strategies

5 tips to keep in mind to communicate better with your customers through email marketing Email marketing is a tool that allows us to communicate with our customers through email. The advantage is that they themselves have given us permission to send ...

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Web design: trends for 2018

The importance of web design in digital marketing strategy Web design is one of the factors to take into account as part of the digital marketing strategy. The aim is to make users fall in love. In digital marketing it is essential to create an excellent ...

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7 most used tools to manage your social networks

You can have all your social networks under control and without wasting a minute of your time Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram are names of social networks that sooner or later end up being part of both users and companies. But what ...

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Industry 4.0 and Industrial Marketing

Intelligent factories and real-time on-demand production What do you think of the next idea? A factory is capable of increasing or decreasing its production according to consumer demand. All right. There’s nothing new in it. Better this way: A ...

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Benefits of developing Web Usability

What is web usability? Web usability is a part of web design that refers to the efficiency and satisfaction that is achieved by allowing users to learn how to interact with your website. The easier it is to navigate through a website, the more likely ...

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6 Keys to trust in Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing has arrived to stay The IAB (Interactive Adveristing Bureau) periodically publishes studies on the evolution of marketing and its interaction with new technologies. In the specific case of the use of mobile devices, the data support ...

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The influence of the Internet in Marketing

The user, key piece for current marketing in Internet era Since its beginning, marketing has been evolving in different stages that have allowed it to include more and more areas. Although initially it was focused on showing offers and products, it ...

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What is a transmedia campaign? Some examples of them

In recent years, transmedia communication has emerged as a new way of telling stories. A transmedia campaign is a campaign in which information about a brand is transmitted through different channels. But, unlike traditional campaigns, each channel ...

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10 tips for improving your content marketing

Content marketing is the part that is responsible for creating, publishing and distributing content for your target audience. Generally these types of actions are shared online and are intended to attract new customers. This is not an action with an immediate ...

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Inbound Marketing, don't scare your clients

Inbound Marketing has become the best way to attract customers and promoters to the company. In recent years we have seen a growing trend toward using non-intrusive actions to reach customers. The reason is very simple: users are increasingly tired of ...

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New challenges in communication digital era

The new scene of communication digital era Communication digital era, in the last years new challenges related to the direction of communication have arisen. The social changes and the importance of the digital world in the day to day have changed ...

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Trade Marketing, the importance of dealing

Trade marketing can be defined as the set of commercial and merchandising operations developed by a supplier – or manufacturer – and a distributor. The concept of trade marketing is closely linked to distribution channels as it seeks to ...

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Tips to improve your content in Social Media

The Social Media are today an essential element in business communication. Nowadays, Social Media strategies are an essential element in companies communication. They create a direct communication with their leads. Actually, there are a lot of different ...

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CRM: the key for relationship marketing

CRM is an application strategy used to organize and synchronize sales, marketing processes, customer service and technical support. Customer relationship management (CRM) is referred to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use ...

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8 curiosities about Black Friday

November is over, but before leaving it will repeat one of the most anticipated commercial events of the year. This American tradition went up last years in Spain and became one of the main commercial marketing strategies before Christmas. Black Friday ...

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Mobile Marketing: the new marketing paradigm

Mobile Marketing is a set of strategies that integrate a series of techniques and formats that allow companies to communicate with their customers through the use of mobile devices. Thanks to the evolution and the rise of its use as a communication ...

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Viral campaigns, the evolution of advertising

Virality is part of our daily lives, and increasingly in an evident way. Viral marketing, viral videos… ¿But do we know what this is really about? At this point, most people have a slight idea about what’s the meaning of virality, ...

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