Professional B2B marketing strategy


BCM Marketing Digital - Somos Marketing

We analyse current market changes in the buying process, study competitors. We draw up a plan and execute it. We team up with sales. (Read more...)

Websites, landings, professional SEO, SEM campaigns, Social media Ads campaigns, emailings. CRM + DB. We take care of all digital actions. We are Google partners. (Read more...)

Consultancy, branding, creativity, design, digital marketing, communication, media. All offline-online needs covered in the same agency. (Read more...)

BCM Marketing Digital - Somos Marketing

We develop and position your brand image so that it reflects the values of your company. We create normative image and communication manuals. (Read more...)

  • Industrial Marketing .
  • Engineer.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Graphic and digital design.
  • Communication, journalists.
  • Frontend and Backend programmers.


An efficient and effective ROI. We are backed by more than 25 years of experience and more than 2,000 projects carried out for large companies in the industrial sector. (Read more...)

BCM Marketing Digital - Somos Marketing

What can we do with our marketing outsourcing service?

Outsourcing marketing and maintenance

Nowadays, outsourcing has become a professional and economic support for companies. Many companies are faced with the need to optimise time and resources in order to focus on specific areas of the company. Therefore, they choose to outsource some of their services, such as marketing.

With this in mind, at BCM Marketing we want to make things easy for you. For this reason, we offer you your own marketing department without the need for your company to have one on its premises. We take care of all the phases of your project without you having to worry about anything. We can carry out anything from a one-off action to a complete plan including global outsourcing.

Through our outsource marketing service we adapt completely to your needs, your way of working, your budget and your business model. All your marketing responsibilities will pass into our hands so that you can stop worrying and focus on other areas of your business.

With BCM Marketing you can be completely safe, as we have more than 25 years of experience working for companies in different sectors, and with a team of experienced professionals specialised in all key areas: consultancy, advertising, marketing, branding, creativity, graphic and digital design, public relations and productions.

With our marketing outsourcing service you will save both in space and staff and you will be able to invest in many other tasks of your company. Our marketing agency in Barcelona will dedicate all its efforts to improve your business by offering you any type of marketing service you need.

We want to be your partner to help you achieve the keys to success: establish a solid relationship with all your target groups, speak their language and develop effective segmented marketing.

Estrategias de marketing y ventas


Customised Marketing Solutions

Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


Marketing Plans

We analyse the market and your competitors. We carry out SWOT studies. We study your needs. We create a plan and a strategy.  And we put it into action.


Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


Global maintenance

We integrate into your company as your marketing team. We take care of the global maintenance of all your Offline - Online marketing actions.

Creamos tus soportes gráficos y digitales. Desarrollamos tu imagen (branding). Catálogos, presentaciones, vídeos, webs profesionales, redes sociales,
blog, contenido, email marketing, ...


Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


For your commercial network

If you need professional solutions for your commercial network, we create all kinds of digital presentations, videos and technical documentation.


Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


Media relations

We create your media plan, press releases and articles for general and professional media in your sector. Management with all professional media.


Marketing y Ventas

Optimising time and resources

We take care of all the phases of the project

Te ofrecemos tu propio departamento de marketing sin la necesidad de que tu empresa cuente con uno en sus instalaciones.


Agencia de Marketing B2B

B2B Industrial Marketing. Extensive knowledge of the Industrial sector.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

+ More than 25 years + 2000 projects. for large industrial B2B companies.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

Strategy + plan. Analysis of results. Customised solutions.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

Achieve targets and lead traffic. Assist and strengthen the commercial department. Innovate in actions.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

Clear, direct and transparent. Search for results. Security and guarantee.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

A team of professionals from different disciplines. The partner in communication and marketing.