Why is industry marketing important?

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Faced with the growth of globalisation, is increasingly specialised. For this reason, the B2B sector increasingly implies a greater knowledge of the product or service, as well as its technological complexity. Added to this challenge are scientific advances, and the appearance of new features and forms of promotion. As a result, it is necessary to create a B2B marketing that promotes, in a unique and special way, these products. This requires a specific and profound knowledge of the sector and the purchasing process.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that this type of marketing targets a very specific audience that needs to solve very specific problems. For this reason, it is vitally important to fully understand the product and its technical features. This is the only way to speak the same language as our target audience and fully understand their needs.

BCM Marketing as a B2B marketing agency joins the challenge of specialisation. We know the client, the market and the prescribers better than anyone. This offers us a profound and professional knowledge of the product.

We have carried out more than 2,000 projects for more than 120 companies in industrial sectors. Our goal is to work so that our clients evolve, improve and grow. Amongst our success stories are leading national companies and brands that have sought us out as their greatest ally to carry out their B2B marketing campaigns.

At BCM Marketing we create your tailored marketing plan so that your company communicates all the benefits it offers to its clients. Because we know that the generation of leads (potential clients) which can turn into sales is the most important objective of your business model. We know that the B2C consumer marketing strategies do not work as well for the sales processes in the B2B sectors. For this reason, BCM puts forward specific technical strategies.

We develop B2B marketing strategies

To reach the target audience requires creating a good strategy. With the data and results in hand, we will determine which  marketing actions to follow adapting to each situation. At BCM, as an industrial B2B marketing agency, we offer you a 360 marketing model that adapts to the needs of your company. These are some of the services in which we are specialists:

  • We study the current situation of your brand, we analyse the marketing strategy and its objectives. What edge do you have over your competitors?
  • We reinforce your commercial leads capture plan through a non-intrusive inbound marketing strategy and sales funnels that attract new contacts in a semi-automated way for your database. In sectors such as B2B with complex products and in which sales can take a long time, inbound marketing is perfect for attracting new leads and accompanying them throughout the entire sales funnel until they end up becoming customers.
  • We develop a content marketing strategy that includes the creation and dissemination of valuable and relevant content for your clients with a wide variety of formats: video-tutorials, pdf guides, success stories, images, graphics, posts, etc. We transform complicated information into tips that your clients can easily consume.
  • We write and disseminate strategic press releases in general and specialized media.
  • We create a dynamic, useful web page, optimised for search engine positioning (SEO), which takes into account the user experience. The corporate website is the centrepiece of all digital marketing. An operations centre that must monitor all user interactions and analyse their behaviour to draw conclusions and establish a strategy for continuous improvement.
  • We manage your social media with a well-defined plan that brings traffic to your website and increases brand awareness. We identify which social media channels suit you and we develop a content and publication plan over time, to avoid pauses and out of date information that seriously affect the brand. We always keep in mind that it is useless simply having many visits, views or followers. The important thing is to get customers!
  •  We automate your email marketing strategy in a way that increases website traffic, reinforces customer loyalty, increases sales, etc.
  • We manage your presence at fairs and organise your events both digital and face-to-face with the aim of obtaining an optimal return on investment.
  • Benchmarking. Track the competition..
  • Search engine advertising (SEM) and social media. Creation of effective landing pages. We structure the best strategy to achieve your objectives, reaching your potential clients at the key moment. Large mass campaigns do not work for the B2B industry, where you have to reach only the people who make the important decisions. Google is the perfect tool to reach professionals looking forspecific solutions for machinery and hardware.
  • Monitoring of analytics and KPIs.

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital B2B

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital B2B

Challenge of specialisation

B2B Marketing, strategies designed only for our clients

At BCM, as a B2B marketing agency, we offer you a 360 marketing model that adapts to the needs of your companies.

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We create your personalised marketing plan so that your company communicates all its benefits

We know that the generation of leads (potential customers) that can be transformed into sales is the most important objective for your business model.

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital

Industrial B2B Marketing. Extensive knowledge in the Industrial sector.

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital

More than 25 years  and more than 2,000 projects for large industrial B2B companies.

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital

Strategy + Plan. Analysis of results. Custom solutions for each project or company.

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital

Achieve goals and lead traffic. Assist and empower the commercial department.

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital

Clear, direct and transparent. In search of results. Security and guarantee.

Marketing B2B Agency - BCM Marketing Digital

A team of professionals from different disciplines is your new marketing partner.