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How should the marketing plan of an industrial product in Barcelona be approached? Need help? At BCM Marketing agency we have been providing agile and professional solutions to our clients for more than 25 years, among which are important companies and national brands that have sought in us that great ally with the aim of turning into success what in principle was only an idea. Unlike what other advertising agencies in Barcelona offer, we provide answers to all phases of a tailor-made project, from the beginning to the end, tracing the path that our clients have to follow if they want to continue growing. But in order to reach that target audience, which is what each and every one of our clients want, what we do to create a good marketing plan in Barcelona, in which we will analyze the market, who are the competitors, what are the user preferences and what perception they have.

With the results in hand, we will determine the actions to follow to hook these potential clients. There are many options and they are very varied. We are talking not only about creating company pages on the most important social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but also about other actions on the street such as printing and brochures, organizing events, others.

Differences between the marketing of an industrial product in Barcelona and the marketing of consumer products and services.

Advertising on an industrial product must highlight those technical features of the product in relation to its price. That is, aspects such as speed, consumption, physical power, resistance ... Factors that, given our experience, we know will influence the final purchase decision.

What can we do to highlight those quirks?

Editing catalogs, mailing brochures, making announcements and infomercials ... But above all, good advice will be key to achieving the desired objectives. Do not hesitate to contact us.

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

Development with purpose

Customer purpose is key to successful communication

Currently, we find ourselves in a changing and competitive environment where new challenges arise on a daily basis. Anticipation is essential for a good strategist.

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Our specialty makes us unique

Research + interviews + analysis + reports + developments + tests are key pieces that characterize us as special leaders

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

Industrial B2B Marketing. Extensive knowledge in the Industrial sector.

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

+ than 25 years and + than 2,000 projects for large industrial B2B companies.

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

Strategy + Plan. Analysis of results. Custom solutions for each project or company.

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

Achieve goals and lead traffic. Assist and empower the commercial department.

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

Clear, direct and transparent. Search for results. Security and guarantee.

BCM Marketing - Industrial Marketing Barcelona

A team of professionals from different disciplines is your new marketing partner.