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November 21, 2019

What is and how does inbound marketing work in B2B?

How to take advantage of inbound marketing or attraction marketing in a B2B environment from the industrial sector

Inbound marketing consists of the methodology that combines different techniques and non-intrusive marketing actions to reach and/or attract the user at the beginning of their purchase process and accompany them until the final transaction. That is why inbound marketing is also known as attraction and retention marketing, since in general terms consists in creating content as personalized as possible to educate potential clients by delivering relevant and interesting information for their objectives.

In previous articles we have had the opportunity to know some of the most used inbound marketing techniques today such as the SEO positioning of the corporate website, the presence in social networks most appropriate to the industrial sector and the creation of relevant content for these networks, lead generation and its corresponding nurturing technique, or the web analytics itself that allows us to better understand the traffic behavior of visits to our website.

Goals for inbound marketing in B2B

Although one might think that all these digital marketing actions may be rather focused on a B2C (Business to Consumer) environment, the reality is that the more complex and technical our product is as it happens in the B2B (Business to Business), inbound marketing is more appropriate to help communicate all this complex and specialized information to our customers. Through all these techniques mentioned, inbound marketing offers us the necessary support to cover most of the great needs of B2B industrial marketing, including:

  • Get a greater presence in the online channel.
  • Improve the visibility of our brand.
  • Gain credibility with our customers.
  • Generate a database with relevant contacts.
  • Build a lead nurturing channel.
  • Improve the domain authority of our website.

How inbound marketing works in B2B

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, a company operating in the industrial sector must keep in mind the following strategies described here to improve its B2B inbound marketing strategy.

It is important to remember that although a large number of B2B companies consider that dedicating efforts to social networks can be useless because there is a belief in the industrial market that the vast majority of potential customers do not use such networks, the reality indicates that more than 90% B2B public searches on Google to find the solution to their respective setbacks or simply to make inquiries about questions that may arise regarding their own industrial marketing strategy.

And it is precisely here that the importance of a good SEO positioning of our website comes into play. It is a proven fact that people do not search beyond the second page of results on Google, so if your company is not correctly positioned among the first results of searches relevant to your business, for the market it is basically as if you wouldn't exist.

But it is not enough to invest resources in the aspect of web positioning to attract traffic, but we must generate high-value and relevant content for our potential client in order to retain visits and accompany them in a possible process of buying or creating a relevant contact or lead. For this, and especially in the industrial sector where products and services require a higher level of technical information, the content of the website, in addition to being optimized at SEO level, should educate and offer interest to the audience to which the company focuses. It is also interesting to offer information in a recurring and updated way in the form of a corporate blog, as well as updates about the company in the selected social networks in each particular case. After all, a customer will always opt for the provider that best communicates their offer directly and with credibility to show confidence.

At BCM Marketing we design a tailored inbound marketing strategy for B2B industrial companies, in order to attract new customers to your website and contact forms.

Ask us for a no obligation quote, at BCM Marketing we advise you on everything you need.

If you want to continue reading about marketing and communication visit our blog.

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