BCM Marketing Digital - Tool Industry

The tool industry is very special

It is a sector that is subject to strong external cycles

Is your company dedicated to the manufacture of professional tools? At BCM Marketing we can help you give more visibility to your business and reach new customers effectively.

Marketing para empresas de fabricación de herramientas

Digital marketing for the tool making sector

Get great visibility and multiply your sales opportunities

The tool industry faces challenges that make it very special:

  • It sells complex products that require a detailed explanation and often require training or a certain level of technical knowledge to use.
  • It operates in B2B environments, with a sales process that needs a time to mature. It is mired in a process of continuous innovation that requires the development of new skills and tackling technological challenges.
  • Production managers are increasingly resisting the traditional commercial and classic marketing methods of industrial equipment supplier companies that only hand out technical sheets instead of focusing on selling benefits and solutions to their real problems.
  • They want to reduce the number of errors and increase productivity.

For all these reasons, many managers or owners of companies that manufacture machinery and tools consider it a traditional sector and very different from other more changing ones such as mass consumption. Some professionals even believe that this industry does not have as much scope as others to be creative in the digital realm.

And it is true that the marketing strategies for tool companies are very different from those of the mass consumer sector. However, as with any other type of product or service, today any professional who wants to hire a tool provider begins their search on the internet, often directly from their mobile phone. It does not matter if they are buyers of large companies, small businesses or individual consumers.

Therefore, if you know how to capitalize on your internet presence, you can obtain great visibility and multiply your sales opportunities, avoiding having to compete solely on price or with a reduction in your fees.

It is no longer enough to sell higher quality machinery. The global competition is more and more intense and new Asian competitors very aggressive in price do not stop appearing.

At BCM we are specialists in digital marketing for the industrial and B2B sector and we can help you with different tools, identifying the most appropriate internet channels to make your company a fruitful and long-lived architecture and construction business. Our marketing philosophy is that this should be a constant and systematic source of customers for your business. It cannot be a succession of random actions.

The number of potential clients obtained is more important than the number of cold calls made. We focus less on the amount of activity and we focus more on results in the form of new business opportunities.

How to develop the marketing plan for your machinery or tools company?

These are the steps to develop your marketing plan:

  • Analyze the market and detect opportunities.
  • Evaluate what is the current situation of your company. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Build the philosophy and values of the company. Define your vision, message, the audience you are addressing.
  • Exploit what sets you apart from the rest.
  • What resources do you have for it.
  • Develop an action plan appropriate to the objectives and resources to gain visibility and relevance.
  • Set short, medium and long term objectives.
  • Strategies to achieve those objectives.
  • Transfer these conclusions to concrete actions.

BCM Marketing: una agencia especialista en fabricantes de herramientas

Todo este proceso es difícil, pero no tienes que hacerlo solo. Contar con una visión externa enriquecerá tu estrategia y mejorará sensiblemente tus resultados.

En BCM Marketing creamos tu plan de marketing personalizado para que tu empresa transmita todas las ventajas que ofrece a sus clientes. Porque sabemos que la generación de leads que pueden transformarse en ventas es el objetivo más importante para tu negocio.

El marketing de gran consumo no funciona para las empresas de construcción y los estudios de arquitectura. Por este motivo, BCM propone para ellas técnicas específicas.

En BCM te ofrecemos un modelo de marketing 360 que se adapta a tus necesidades. Estos son algunos de los servicios en los que somos especialistas:

  • We study the current situation of your brand, we analyze the marketing strategy and its objectives. What is your differential value compared to your competitors?
  • We reinforce your commercial lead capture plan through an inbound marketing strategy and sales funnels that attracts new contacts in a non-intrusive and semi-automated way. It is easier and more efficient for your clients to search for you than to search for them.
  • We develop a content marketing strategy that includes the creation and dissemination of valuable and relevant content for your clients, always aimed at meeting your business objectives.
  • We create a dynamic, useful web page, optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), which takes into account the user experience. The corporate website is the centerpiece of all digital marketing.
  • We manage your social media with a well-defined plan that brings traffic to your website and increases brand awareness. We identify which ones it is convenient for you to be present in and we develop a content and publication plan over time, without stoppages or outdates that seriously affect the brand. The architecture, renovation and construction sector has its own social networks like Houzz. We always keep in mind that it is useless to have many visits, views or followers. The important thing is to get customers!
  • We automate your email marketing strategy.
  • We manage your presence at fairs and organize your events, always with the aim of obtaining an optimal return on investment.
  • Benchmarking. Track the competition.
  • Search engine advertising (SEM) and social media. Creation of effective landing pages. We structure the best strategy to achieve your objectives, reaching your potential clients at the key moment. Large mass campaigns don't work for the construction industry, where you have to reach just the right people who make the important decisions. Google is a perfect tool to reach professionals seeking civil engineering, building rehabilitation and construction material services.
  • Monitoring of analytics and KPIs.

BCM Marketing Digital - Tool Industry