8 Reasons to work with us.

We present the 8 main reasons why we want to be your strategic partner in Industrial B2B marketing.

We are a marketing agency in Barcelona with our own team of professionals in the B2B marketing sector with more than 25 years of experience.

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BCM Marketing B2B - 01 Market

We know the market and the different channels and the prescribers.

BCM Marketing B2B - 02 Strategy

We always work with a plan, a strategy.

BCM Marketing B2B - 03 Goals

We look for results. 100% B2B Marketing.

BCM Marketing B2B - 04 Experience

Our experience is a guarantee and security.

BCM Marketing B2B - 05 Media

We have fast and efficient global 360 communication.

BCM Marketing B2B - 06 Method

An efficient system, a good team and a working method.

BCM Marketing B2B - 07 Custom

Flexibility and commitment from campaigns to outsourcing.

BCM Marketing B2B - 08 Results

Analysis, evaluation and monitoring of results.