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Autonomous robots open up great possibilities

Use artificial intelligence to self-configure

Robotics companies make a great effort of innovation and investment. To pay for it, the benefits of this effort must be reflected in the communication strategy. However, companies often find it difficult to explain them to the customer in a convincing and easily understandable way.

Marketing para empresas de robótica

The fourth industrial revolution and robotics

Marketing for Robotics

At BCM Marketing we create your personalized B2B industrial marketing plan so that your company transmits all the advantages it offers to its customers. Because we know that generating leads that can be transformed into sales is the most important objective for your business.

We transform your message into concrete advantages for your clients.

All the leading companies are already immersed in the fourth industrial revolution. Of course, also robotics companies.

The new artificial intelligence or robotics systems offer your clients the maximum optimization of their resources, cost reduction, sustainable growth and greater efficiency and continuous improvement of all the steps of the production process:

  • Autonomous robots open up vast possibilities for automation by using artificial intelligence to self-configure, optimize, perform complex tasks, and make decisions for themselves.
  • In smart factories, robots stop working in isolation to connect with each other and with people, in real time.
  • Robots provide much more production flexibility, even working on demand.
  • The teams are permanently prepared to produce at their maximum capacity, avoiding unscheduled stops.
  • Continuous analysis and use of Big Data.

What we communicate in our marketing: the advantages that robotics offers to the customer

List of featured items.

  • Shorter delivery times. More immediacy in service.
  • High levels of quality assured.
  • Greater customization options.
  • Possibility of reduced production volumes.
  • BCM Marketing: a robotics specialist agency.
  • Consumer marketing doesn't work for robotics companies. For this reason, BCM proposes specific techniques for this sector.

BCM Marketing: an agency specialized in robotics

Consumer marketing doesn't work for robotics companies. For this reason, BCM proposes specific techniques for this sector.

At BCM we offer companies in the robotics industry a 360 marketing model that adapts to your needs. These are some of the services in which we are specialists:

  • We study the current situation of your brand, we analyze the marketing strategy and its objectives. What is your differential value compared to your competitors?
  • We reinforce your commercial lead capture plan through an inbound marketing strategy that attracts new contacts in a non-intrusive and semi-automated way.
  • We develop a content marketing strategy that includes the creation and dissemination of valuable and relevant content for your clients, always aimed at meeting your business objectives.
  • We create a dynamic, useful web page, optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), which takes into account the user experience. The corporate website is the centerpiece of all digital marketing.
  • We manage your social media with a well-defined plan that brings traffic to your website and increases brand awareness.
  • We automate your email marketing strategy.
  • We manage your presence at fairs and organize your events, always with the aim of obtaining an optimal return on investment.
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEM). Creation of effective landing pages.
  • Benchmarking. Track the competition.
  • Monitoring of analytics and KPIs.

BCM Digital Marketing - Robotics