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We integrate into your organisation

More and more companies need to work on their communication and marketing strategy on a daily basis. We offer to cover all your needs with our global outsourcing plan and become your outsourced marketing department.

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Outsourcing global marketing B2B


Outsource your company's marketing department and let BCM Marketing take care of everything.

Outsourcing global marketing B2B


We have professionals in engineering, graphic and digital design, journalism, programming and digital marketing.

BCm Marketing Digital - Outsourcing Global

Outsourcing global marketing B2B


We design a marketing strategy tailored to your business objectives.

Outsourcing global marketing B2B


We carry out communications tailored to the different channels.

Outsourcing global marketing B2B


We take care of the management, maintenance and optimisation of all your assets.


Our working procedure

We are an agency with experience in industrial B2B marketing and communication strategies. We work as a team with the same objective, becoming your outsourced marketing department looking after your company. 

  • Web Maintenance: We maintain your company's website to prevent technical errors (updates, device compatibility, code errors, UX improvements, etc.). We constantly improve website security and conduct comprehensive audits.
  • Social media: We manage your social channels and communities of followers based on a Social Media strategy. We publish relevant content on a regular basis and interact with your audience to improve your engagement.
  • Email Marketing: We write and send your newsletters to your list of subscribers. We track all emails and measure engagement so that your company reaches its target and meets its objectives.
  • Pay per click campaigns: : We create, manage and optimize your campaigns on Google Ads, Bing Ads and other Social Ads platforms. We segment your audience for effective remarketing on tight budgets.
  • Web positioning and reputation (SEO): Using technical strategies and content on your company's website to improve your organic positioning in the main search engines we ensure your target finds you easily.
  • Media and publications: We search and analyse the most appropriate media outlets for your company. We create and maintain relationships with them to write your news, publish it and respond to a media plan.
  • Press releases and industry reports: We study your communication needs, create a content plan for your business blog and write original articles and press releases aimed at your specific sector and your audience.
  • Commercial and technical documentation: We create and update the commercial and corporate material of your company, improving communication with your clients. We help you to transmit the messages and values of your company in a clear and striking way.
  • Graphic, digital and audiovisual work: We adapt the graphic resources of your company and adjust them to the visual demands of the market. We devise and produce catalogues, presentations, videos and other corporate materials.


A team of professionals to make everything possible

Creative philosophy and strategic thinking. In any company, an optimal marketing strategy is a big part of success 

BCM Marketing Consulting


Consulting service

We study your needs. We analyse the market and your competitors. Create a plan and a strategy. Consulting, studies, marketing and strategic plans.

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BCM Marketing Consulting



We create your graphic and digital media and develop your branding strategy. Catalogues, presentations, professional websites, social media, blogs, email marketing, etc.

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BCM Marketing Consulting


Digital strategies

Strategic plans for SEM advertising campaigns in Google Ads, SEO and social media. We create webpages with SEO at various levels of depth, audits and linkbuilding.

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BCM Marketing Consulting


Communication and PR

We develop your media plan and professionally write press releases and articles for online portals, events and fairs for the general media and professionals in the sector.

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