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Social media management and generation of original content

Companies in the industrial sector tend to use a small number of platforms or social channels - LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - but leaving the management of an online community in the hands of non-specialised internal personnel is not always a good idea. The management of social networks is a constant task that requires dedication, time and resources, as achieving the loyalty of community users depends on it by offering valuable content and two-way communication. In BCM Marketing we have qualified personnel to create a customised strategy in social networks, in addition to providing companies with the figure of the Community Manager, responsible for creating and disseminating content.

Social Ads: Advertising in social networks

If the use of social networks is fully expanded and 2 out of 3 users consult them daily, why not take advantage of these platforms to get closer to our target audience? Social media advertising, also known as social ads, tries to take advantage of the immense volume of users for brands to create campaigns with different types of ads: promoted posts, video or dynamic ads, among other ad formats. In addition, each channel has its own platform for advertisers: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. LinkedIn, being the most common social network for B2B environments, also has a tool for lead generation to facilitate the commercial work of companies.

A social media plan tailored to your company's needs 

One of the most common mistakes that companies make when managing their social channels is to start publishing content without a clear strategy. In this sense, it is important to know the interests of the audience in our product or service and draw up a social media plan in which it is well defined, among other things, the style of language, the frequency of publications, the channels in which to disseminate (and the differences in the treatment of content in each of them), the products or services to promote and the type of images to share.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

A team of experts in content creation and management of social networks and social ads.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We design a customised social media plan to connect with your target audience.

BCM Marketing Digital - Marketing 360

We draw up a Social Media plan and become your company's Community Manager

We analyse the interests of your target audience and generate a social media strategy to share relevant content and interact with your audience.


We design social ads campaigns to generate a greater brand impact

As specialists in social media ad campaign management, we know how to generate a greater impact for your brand in the social channel.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B