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SEM positioning advertising campaigns

The creation of SEM advertising campaigns with Google Ads, a strategy also known as search engine marketing, is one of the most powerful digital marketing actions to achieve qualified lead traffic relatively quickly. As an SEM agency in Barcelona, at BCM Marketing we have search engine advertising specialists trained to define an optimal SEM strategy for your industrial company.

Qualified lead generation with Google Ads

The main objective of Google Ads campaigns is to attract qualified lead traffic to the website or landing page in order to achieve conversions on the site, i.e. users who perform Google searches related to the company's products and services. Positioning the company's ads on Google's organic results page, in addition to the search or display network, complements the marketing strategies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), inbound marketing and social networks.

Conversion-oriented landing page design 

PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) campaigns in Google Ads are a type of online advertising that aims to open a newchannel for users to enter the website known as paid traffic. These users, who have been meticulously segmented according to their profile, interests and purchase intention to be impacted by one or more ads, are the potential leads that will click on an ad to land on a web page. As an SEM agency, at BCM Marketing we are experts in designing landing pages that offer the best possible experience to the new user, thus making their entry into the conversion funnel more likely.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We have a team of experts in SEM positioning and PPC campaign management.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We design a tailor-made SEM advertising strategy to attract quality traffic.

We are Google Partner

BCM Marketing is the B2B industrial marketing agency certified for SEM campaigns by Google Ads. We design your advertising campaigns with customized SEM strategies for your company and we make the most of your advertising investment.


BCM Marketing Digital - Marketing 360

SEM agency specialised in the creation and optimisation of PPC campaigns in Google Ads

We study the behavior of your target audience and design search campaigns to get impressions for your brand with tailored ads.


We help you generate quality lead traffic with SEM positioning.

As digital marketing specialists and online advertising specialists we know how to generate qualified traffic through PPC campaigns.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B