We create lasting relationships with your clients

Segmentation and personalisation strategies

Relational marketing is where marketing, relationships, and customer service come together. This branch creates and strengthens the relationships of companies with their clients.

Advantages of use

Treat each client as unique by creating direct and personalised communication. Among its advantages are the generation of customer loyalty and trust and provision of added value. It is a strategic supplement to communication that is in constant feedback with the consumer.

Our services

  • Database management
  • Customer segmentation strategies
  • Loyalty techniques
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Use of custom CRM

Data Marketing with Kompass

Through Kompass, the leading database of B2B companies, sales teams have a powerful tool for prospecting leads and generating new sales opportunities. BCM helps you take advantage of data marketing, that is, data-driven marketing.

Relational marketing - BCM Marketing B2B

Relational marketing - BCM Marketing B2B

We offer a strategic vision to strengthen relationships with your clients by supporting value.

Relational marketing - BCM Marketing B2B

We adapt to the particularities of your clients to offer a personalised experience.

Relational marketing - BCM Marketing B2B

We add value to improve the relationship with your customers

We help you create a personalised and lasting relationship with your clients through relational marketing and inbound marketing techniques.


Relationship marketing techniques to improve customer loyalty

After a segmentation process, we employ attraction and loyalty techniques, providing added value to potential customers.

Relational marketing - BCM Marketing B2B