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If you are not on the internet, you do not exist

Digital marketing consists of the application of marketing strategies in digital media. One of the most important factors in digital strategies is the interaction with the target, so spaces and opportunities must be created in the cloud that promote this encounter between the brand and the potential client.


You need to optimise your website to improve your position in the search results. Thanks to this, your company's website will be easier to find on Google and other search engines. At BCM Marketing we carry out personalized studies of each website to achieve the best SEO efficiency. In this way, we make your site stand out in search results every time your target searches for your products or services.


SEM is an online marketing strategy that allows you to gain visibility in paid search engine results.

We offer the creation of SEM campaigns in the main search engines such as Google (Google Ads) and Bing (Bing Ads). In addition to the creation of original campaigns, we take care of their optimization so that you get the best results and conversions with the lowest budget.

We are a Google certified agency for pay per click campaigns.



Social networks allow companies to start a direct conversation with their customers. In this way, they serve to start a conversation and provide customer care via these platforms.

We offer services in three differentiated phases:

  • Create a Social Media Plan
  • Implement the strategy in social media
  • Social media maintenance service (Community Manager)

BCM Marketing B2B - Marketing 360 - Digital Marketing

BCM Marketing B2B - Marketing 360 - Digital Marketing

Highly prepared team with proven experience in this field.

BCM Marketing B2B - Marketing 360 - Digital Marketing

Strong relationship and fluid communication along with effective marketing strategies.

BCM Marketing B2B - Marketing 360 - Digital Marketing

We adapt your industrial company to the demands of digital marketing

We always try to provide a different vision, escaping from the typical approaches and developing innovative proposals for your digital marketing strategy.

I want to increase my lead traffic now!

We know the demands and needs of the industrial company

The same digital strategy is not valid for all companies. And less so in the industrial sector, where each market is governed by completely different patterns of behavior. We adapt your digital marketing plan based on your business environment.

BCM Marketing B2B - Marketing 360 - Digital Marketing