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BCM Marketing Digital - Somos Marketing

We analyse current market changes in the buying process, study competitors. We draw up a plan and execute it. We team up with sales. (Read more...)

An efficient and effective return on investment (ROI). We are backed by more than 2,000 projects carried out for large companies in the industrial sector. (Read more...)

We work with CRM for B2B such as Salesforce and Pardot. The great advantage of this software is that both your sales department and our team can access it directly, in real time and synchronised. (Read more...)

BCM Marketing Digital - Somos Marketing

We use all the power of digital marketing tools to create and maintain lasting and stable partnerships with your customers over time. Websites, email marketing, CRM for B2B... (Read more...)

We integrate into your company as your marketing team. We take care of the strategy and global execution of all your offline and online marketing actions.


We develop your brand image so that it reflects the values of your company. We create normative image and communication manuals and all kinds of graphic and digital supports. (Read more...)

BCM Marketing Digital - Somos Marketing

Harness the potential of the largest database of B2B companies

Filtering of databases with Kompass

Kompass is the world's best-known and most comprehensive B2B company portal. With more than five million companies from 75 countries, Kompass has the largest database of companies with an industrial profile available on the market. In order to take advantage of this volume of data, i.e. by applying what is known as data marketing, sales teams must master this commercial tool to carry out market research tasks and detect potential sales opportunities.

Through a system of filtering and importing company data —both customers and suppliers— with Kompass it is possible to detect companies as potential customers and extract these lists to carry out direct marketing actions. In addition, as a commercial tool, Kompass offers a series of solutions integrated in the portal specifically designed for B2B lead prospecting and to carry out acquisition actions:

  • EasyBusiness: B2B lead prospecting tool to segment and analyse company data and plan commercial actions.
  • ByPath: Business intelligence solution based on big data that supports sales teams in analysing data to reveal relevant commercial information.
  • Data App: Tool that allows the integration of Kompass data with the company's CRM.
  • EasyList: Solution that allows the creation of customised lists of companies for database segmentation.
  • Public Tenders: Service for accessing public tenders from any country in the world that allows companies to identify new business opportunities.



Customised solutions for
marketing and sales

Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


Marketing Plans

We analyse the market and your competitors. We carry out SWOT studies. We study your needs. We create a plan and a strategy.  And we put it into action.


Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


Global maintenance

We integrate into your company as your marketing team. We take care of the global maintenance of all your Offline - Online marketing actions.

Creamos tus soportes gráficos y digitales. Desarrollamos tu imagen (branding). Catálogos, presentaciones, vídeos, webs profesionales, redes sociales,
blog, contenido, email marketing, ...


Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


For your commercial network

If you need professional solutions for your commercial network, we create all kinds of digital presentations, videos and technical documentation.


Marketing industrial Soluciones B2B


Media relations

We create your media plan, press releases and articles for general and professional media in your sector. Management with all professional media.


Market research and marketing actions to increase your sales

Get the commercial support your company needs

Knowing how to take advantage of the immense volume of B2B company data that Kompass offers is no easy task. To do so, BCM Marketing has professionals who are experts in database management, trained to draw up a commercial strategy based on segmentation, selection and lead capture to help companies generate new sales opportunities.

We are also specialists in designing digital marketing strategies to offer the desired content to your target audience. Through inbound marketing, new contacts of potential Kompass imported customers get relevant information that can help them to get closer to the brand, building trust and bringing them closer to a possible conversion.

With the help of a marketing agency specialised in B2B market research, your sales team is ideally supported to make the most of the largest B2B business directory. In addition to expanding your database of potential customers, with Kompass you will be able to:

  • Grow and develop your business.
  • Detect potential customers and generate new sales opportunities.
  • Expand your market at national and international level.
  • Improve the efficiency of your sales network.
  • Identify the best suppliers.
  • Improve your brand image and online reputation.
  • Generate qualified traffic to the website.

Data Marketing with Kompass

Marketing y Ventas

Experts in database management

Adding value to your commercial strategy with Kompass

We provide you with solutions to optimise your commercial strategy by filtering databases of B2B companies with an industrial profile using Kompass.



We create your personalised marketing plan for your company to deliver all the benefits of your business

We know that getting the data of potential customers that can be transformed into sales (leads) is the first step of the sales process in your business model.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

B2B Industrial Marketing. Extensive knowledge of the Industrial sector.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

+ More than 25 years + 2000 projects. for large industrial B2B companies.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

Strategy + plan. Analysis of results. Customised solutions.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

Achieve targets and lead traffic. Assist and strengthen the commercial department. Innovate in actions.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

Clear, direct and transparent. Search for results. Security and guarantee.

Agencia de Marketing B2B

A team of professionals from different disciplines. The partner in communication and marketing.