Email Marketing Campaigns

Design and dissemination of newsletter campaigns

Managing customer relationships is a task that a priori should fall to the sales team, who commonly use a CRM System (Customer Relationship Management). However, the management of Email Marketing campaigns requires a marketing team specialised in designing attractive and relevant newsletters for a company's contacts, as well as for campaigns aimed at potential customers. At BCM Marketing we have specialists in newsletter design and we adapt to the most appropriate Email Marketing tool for your company (Mailerlite, Mailchimp or others). 

Contact strategy to generate sales opportunities

Although email marketing campaigns are most commonly used to build customer loyalty by offering valuable information in their inboxes, a newsletter can also be used to generate new sales opportunities. Through calls to action in the body of the message, in addition to offering a creative and sufficiently attractive proposal, it is possible to achieve a better engagement for the contact strategy.

The importance of identifying the right metrics 

As with any digital marketing technique, email marketing campaigns generate a large amount of data that can tell us whether the content shared or the sending schedule, for example, has worked. To keep the results of your mailings under control, it is necessary to know how to identify the metrics to be taken into account: the open rate, for example, indicates the percentage of messages opened compared to the total, while the click-through rate (CTR) indicates the percentage of recipients who clicked on some of the links inserted in the newsletter.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We have a team of experts in newsletter creation and database management.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We design customised Email Marketing strategies to build customer loyalty.

BCM Marketing Digital - Marketing 360

Tailor-made newsletters as a communication channel with your audience

We analyse the interests of your audience and generate attractive newsletters offering valuable information to your customers.


We design Email Marketing campaigns to strengthen your brand in the sector

As specialists in Email Marketing campaign management, we know how to generate new sales opportunities and how to build customer loyalty.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B