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April 02, 2019

Does my company need a blog?

A blog is a tool that helps companies attract new customers and can generate recurring visits. And does your website have a blog? Have you considered implementing one?

For any company it is important to have a website because it is one more way to show the services and products it offers. However, it is not enough to have a list of articles or a list of services that our company provides to others. This will not attract or retain customers. It is not useful to have a website as just another brochure or as a business card. Forget this type of approach, if you want your website to have traffic from both new users and recurring users.

It is necessary to update the website. If a user visits your website and it is not updated regularly, it will not come back. It is obvious that a company cannot create a new product or service every day. This option, of course, is not viable. But there is another much easier one, which consists of working on content marketing. How? Very simple, through a company blog.

Benefits that a corporate blog brings to the company

The company blog or brand blog is a content marketing tool that will bring many advantages to the company. In addition, the competition is already doing it. Do you need more reasons to incorporate a blog to your company website?

Earn positions in Google searches

If the content marketing is worked in an adequate way, the key words that we have contemplated in our strategy will be positioned. This will allow you to move up the rankings in the search results and reach the highly valued first page.

Capture more traffic

TIf more and more users find you, as a consequence you will increase the traffic to your website. They are visitors, but also potential customers. It's attractive, isn't it?

Providing information to visitors

It is important that the content is interesting enough, i.e. that it adds value. The objective is twofold: to retain visitors and make them repeat offenders. This is that they like the content so much that they access your website again and again. To do this, it is advisable to establish an editorial calendar with the publications that are made.

Added value

It is necessary to plan the contents very well. It is useless to publish it every day, otherwise we are contributing something different, attractive and without a strategy behind it. We can use these publications to explain the benefits of hiring our services, give advice, etc.

Facilitates content for social networks

What we publish on the web can be reused to publish on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This will make it easier for you to generate content for these platforms and attract more visitors to your page. And at the same time, it will allow you to take full advantage of the work done (content optimization).

Cheaper advertising

It's a way to make your company known. But also to advertise it in a much cheaper way, if we compare it with the advertising of traditional media such as radio or television. But it's not completely free. Even if you do not carry out online advertising campaigns, you must remember that it requires domain, hosting and maintenance of the web. To all this must be added the time spent on generating content.

In short, within content marketing the company blog is a tool at your disposal to publicize your company and create an online reputation and even improve it.

Why would a blog improve my company's online reputation?

Let's imagine for a moment that you have an automobile company. In addition to the photograph of the car model, you have decided to provide the technical data sheet, the colours available, the opinions of buyers, the configuration of the car according to certain characteristics, forms of financing, news about the model, etc... With all this information you will be generating confidence. Who better than the manufacturer will know more about a particular model of car?

It's a way to get closer to your potential customers and capture their attention. You are giving extra value to your products and you are also positioning yourself as an expert in a subject or product. In addition, you can even talk directly with your visitors, as well as learn their opinions.

How does my company interact with clients or leads through the blog?

If you look at the competitor's blogs, you'll see that some of them let users deposit their comments, queries or suggestions. This is a direct way of communicating with visitors to your website, and it may even turn into a sale. As a general rule, along with the comment you get the user's email, so you have a lead to which you can send subsequent communications (newsletters, newsletter, offers ...)

What does it take to create a professional blog?

Surely, with what we've said so far, you're already considering creating your own brand blog. You will need to:

Have a website. You can integrate it with your company's website. In this way you will avoid a double expense and facilitate the capture of leads.

Publish good content.  Keep the website updated, both technically and in terms of content. It is important that the blog works, technologically speaking. Create an editorial calendar or content planning. Make sure that these contents follow a strategy, as well as taking into account the SEO when writing them.

Communication with visitors. Give your followers the chance to subscribe. You can also let them comment on the publications. But always managing the comments. This way you will prevent users from posting comments that have nothing to do with your business.

Monitoring. It is important that you monitor what is happening on your blog. This will allow you to know what content works and what does not.

What practices should be avoided?

Let comments be posted unsupervised. It is advisable that when you activate comments, they are not published until someone authorizes them. There are users who go to the comments of the blogs of other companies in order to gain a link to their website (linkbuilding). At the same time, you will avoid that other topics outside the company are published.

Do not use a domain and free hosting. This generates a bad company image. In addition, if you already have a website where you can show your products, contact area and who we are, it is as easy as adding another section to your website, called a blog.

Avoid keywordstuffing. SEOing is not writing the words "copper coils" a thousand times along the text to get out earlier in search engines, in case the company is dedicated to the manufacture of cobra coils for engines. This is not positioning. On the contrary, you are damaging the positioning of your website. It's about creating content that adds value to the user. A list of words that repeats the same thing all the time will cause the opposite effect. The user will leave so as not to visit the website again.

Never duplicate the content. Never copy or plagiarize the content, not even yourself. It is common on some websites to see a product features section duplicated as a blog entry. This is penalized by Google for duplicate content. And it will cause your website to be relegated beyond the tenth page of Google search results. And you don't want this, do you?

When should I start my blog?

Remember the sooner you start creating your company blog and planning its contents the better. Your competition is already doing it and you are wasting precious time and space to boost the sale of your products and services. What are you waiting for?

If what paralyzes you is that you don't know where to start, at BCM Marketing we can advise you on everything you need.

You can continue reading articles in our blog or know our portfolio of projects.

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Does my company need a blog?

Does my company need a blog?

A blog is a tool that helps companies attract new customers and can generate recurring visits. And does your website have a blog? Have you considered implementing one? For any company it is important to have a website because it is one more way to ...

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