Virtual interactive digital presentations

Tools for videoconferencing meetings

We are aware of the difficulties faced by the commercial teams of the industrial company today and that is why we have specialised in the creation of interactive presentations and other resources to facilitate the work of the sales team during the holding of meetings by video conferencing through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype or others.

Advantages of digital presentations

The use of creative presentations in digital format may sound somewhat unrelated to the industrial sector. However, digital presentations prepared specifically for the company's commercial team allow relevant information about the company to be highlighted and, accompanied by the explanations of the commercial representative, help the dinamically and attractively displayed data to be retained throughout the presentation.

Creation of interactive presentations

Beyond the already classic static digital presentations and online catalogues shown through videoconference or simply sent by email, interactive presentations for companies allow an indisputable leap in quality in the commercial strategy, standing out among the different players and competitors in the market.

How to have a professional online meeting

All sales representatives and other company representatives must be aware that to hold an online meeting effectively, the first thing to keep in mind is that a videoconference meeting is designed to avoid travel and save time for our day-to-day projects. This means that online meetings must be prepared equal to or to a greater extent than a face-to-face meeting, since the absence of closeness must be replaced by dynamism to avoid the loss of interest from the other party.

Digital Presentations - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

Digital Presentations - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We design, program and take care of the entire technical process involved in a website.

Digital Presentations - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We have specialists in graphic design of digital tools for companies.

Digital Presentations - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

Digital tools to boost your sales strategy

We design commercial tools to carry out digital presentations and online meetings by videoconference to enhance your brand image and your commercial strategy.


A strategic vision adapted to the new commercial normality

In the middle of the digital age and at a time when providing your sales team with new tools is unavoidable.

Digital Presentations - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B