Business communication strategies

Good communication begins with the relationship with the media

Properly communicating an idea and meeting established communication objectives requires rigor, creativity, and planning. All communication must be clearly directed to a target and have a clear purpose. We study your case and become your business communication department.

Media plan

The media plan defines on which media platforms a brand, product or service should be promoted.

After launching the media plan, we constantly monitor the actions carried out and offer you periodic reports on the results.

Press release

Press releases are essential tools in business communication strategies. They serve to capture the interest of the media, disseminate institutional information, start people talking about and improve the image of the brand.

We have a team of journalists and content writers who attend your company events and create press releases for specialised media in the sector.

Blog post

The articles on your blog should offer technical or current information about your company and the sector. In this way, your website visits and traffic will increase and also the quality of potential clients.

Many companies do not have enough time or resources to maintain an up-to-date blog and generate articles on a regular basis. Other companies in the industrial sector try to create content but their articles are excessively technical and do not take into account those essential aspects that improve SEO and the reading experience of users.

We work daily with content prepared for the industry. We know how to get your company to reach the right audience with relevant content. After analysing the needs of your company and the profile of your users, we create an editorial plan and our writers will write the articles that your blog needs to be always updated and obtain quality traffic.

Style Manual

A style manual brings together a set of writing rules and helps companies to ensure that their internal and external communication always follow the same coherence and style.

Thanks to a style manual you will improve your brand image and the perception that customers have of your company; your messages will be clearer, you will communicate your values ​​implicitly in all your texts and you will avoid incidents due to communication problems.

Communication and Media - BCM Marketing B2B

Communication and Media - BCM Marketing B2B

We design a media plan according to the needs and objectives of your business project.

Communication and Media - BCM Marketing B2B

We have journalists and content writers with high knowledge and experience.

Communication and Media - BCM Marketing B2B

Content creation for industrial companies

Our team of journalists and editors draw up a media plan which follows a clear business communication strategy.


We become the communication department of your company

We design in a personalized way the commercial and technical documentation according to the corporate image for your company's commercial network.

Communication and Media - BCM Marketing B2B