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Salesforce: The Ultimate CRM Software for Industrial Companies

Salesforce: The Ultimate CRM Software for Industrial Companies

If you stop for a second to look around you realise that businesses change, customers change, and your industrial company has to be constantly moving with them.

The evolution of technology and Digital Marketing is advancing rapidly, so you have to be prepared with marketing strategies to present your product or service that suits the needs of your cold leads, i.e. new contacts through the form on your website or email contact.

As we all know, customers prefer personalised attention, as it gives a positive impression and a good experience. Achieving this is easy with Salesforce, the world's most popular and most effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to meet the expectations of your contact base.


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool. In addition, it allows you to have access to relevant data such as how the customer came to you or how you can maintain their loyalty, to name a few examples. This CRM software is based on a cloud database to which all departments of your company (or those you choose) have access to in order to share relevant information about your customers or other types of leads.

Salesforce has become the world's number 1 CRM and is used by most of the world's leading companies. One of its main features is that it facilitates direct contact with your leads, customers, and clients from anywhere in the world. Through this platform, you have the opportunity to deliver a personalised experience, powerful content, improve your marketing, increase sales and tailor your customer service.

With the Salesforce cloud and its range of capabilities, you can streamline your customer service, sales team, create multi-channel marketing campaigns, research sales opportunities and even monitor users who accept cookies on your website. I'm sure you're wondering how that is possible.

Salesforce has a very comprehensive Marketing Automation solution known as Pardot, which we'll explain below.


Pardot, the solution for B2B Marketing Automation

Pardot is the ideal solution for automating B2B marketing. It allows you to monitor the actions and movements of your customers and/or leads that are close to becoming customers and automatically know which ones are most likely to convert thanks to its lead scoring system.

Pardot's technology, integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem, provides your sales network and sales reps with a range of real-time mobile tools to manage and modify all processes. As a result, you will always know when and which moment to reach out to your customers or potential customers, as the engagement studio alerts you exactly when your buyer persona interacts with your content.

Pardot's marketing automation allows you to drive, measure and share with your team the entire Inbound Marketing strategy; from the acquisition of a new cold lead, to the loyalty procedure or the launch of personalised marketing campaigns. This is why Pardot has become a must-have tool for industrial and the B2B sector.


 Other Salesforce cloud tools

  • Sales Cloud

Helps streamline the sales process, collaborate with the sales team, manage contacts and seek new opportunities in the industrial market.

  • Service Cloud

Allows you to offer a pleasant experience to contacts and potential customers leads, monitoring customer activity within each channel, resolving their problems and doubts.

  • Marketing Cloud

Allows the creation of personalised paths and powerful marketing campaigns, favouring loyalty, lead generation and increased sales. It also allows the development of these campaigns through Multichannel Marketing.

  • Community Cloud

Allows the creation of dynamic communities so that users can participate. 

  • Analytics Cloud

Not keeping track of how your campaigns are performing can be costly. With Analytics Cloud you can see and analyse the performance of your campaigns from anywhere and from any device. 

  • Cloud Apps

Having a mobile app is always an advantage. App Cloud allows you to create, design and manage modern, personalised apps for your customers and improve their customer experience.

  • IoT Cloud

And finally IoT Cloud, with it you can store and process all the data you need to execute interactions with your customers, be it on websites, mobiles, etc. It also allows you to initiate response actions in real time, bringing them together and converting them into new customers by means of all the Salesforce clouds.


Advantages of Salesforce

That said, it is clear that Salesforce is a CRM software with a high capacity in data management, adapted for industrial companies of any size and in the B2B sector. Among its main advantages, are:

  • Time optimisation.
  • Generation of new contact leads.
  • More efficient customer acquisition.
  • More effective follow-up of prospects.
  • Broader knowledge of your customer base.
  • Generation of new sales opportunities.
  • Constant growth.
  • Ability to use Multichannel Marketing campaigns.
  • Management of your database under control.
  • Collaboration between all departments of the company.
  • Automation of B2B marketing through Pardot.


Maintaining close communication with the customer is key to achieving long-term customer loyalty. At BCM Marketing we can make your objectives a reality, helping you to manage the Salesforce CRM software to suit your needs, using specialised tools to achieve effective communication between the company and the customer. 

The great advantage of this software is that both the departments of your industrial company and our team will be able to access Salesforce directly, in real time and in a synchronised way.

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