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December 18, 2018

Knowing the new Instagram algorithm

Applying these basic tips so you can succeed in this social network

When algorithm changes occur, companies have to be alert. This implies that what was done up to now is no longer valid in part or whole. This usually happens with Google in SEO or social networks. As a result, they must renew themselves and update themselves if they want to succeed on Instagram, for example. In this social network, we must act thinking of five different algorithms. These are: EdgeRank, HT Search, Stories Relevance, and since 2017: HT Follow and Places. All of them have different functions. For example, they are the one that make some publications have priority over others. You have to assume that not all your followers will see everything you publish, nor will they see it at the moment you have published it. You can see your posts later, like it or leave a comment. And to this we have to add that the Instagram algorithm is changing For Instagram to consider that a content is relevant, it has had to be shared and commented several times in the shortest possible time since its publication. As a result, it will teach that post to a greater number of users. Therefore, the Instagram algorithm will take into account: relevance (interest of the community in a publication), affinity (it will show that content to users with whom you have more in common) and time (the speed with that users interact with your post). However, sometimes Facebook, which is the company that also owns Instagram, makes modifications to the algorithm of this social network. Below, we'll show you some issues to keep in mind if you want to succeed on Instagram.

Faster Engagement

As we mentioned before, to succeed in this social network, posts have to be quickly commented and shared by your followers.

Stories in Instagram

Instagram has decided to promote the stories, so it gives more importance to those who use them most. Of course, the algorithm takes into account all the interactions you have, your reach and the messages. It happens the same as with publications, the more interaction your stories have, the more they will be shown to others. This will increase your visibility and attract more followers to your posts in your gallery.

Interact with followers

One of the strategies you must follow to succeed on Instagram is to activate notifications. In this way, it will be easier for you to answer the comments to your followers and thank them. If you are one of those who do not pay attention to what your users say, you will not get your profile to take off.

Customize comments

Remember not only to respond to comments posted on your Instagram, but also on others. If you interact with other accounts, you'll be gaining visibility and points to Instagram.

Use Hashtags

It's true that Instagram hashtags are very relevant. And now that this social network allows you to search and follow hashtags it is vital that you use them. But do not abuse them either. Use those that are truly relevant, so that your content stands out from others.

Reading time

Another variable that takes into account the new algorithm is the time they remain reading the texts of your photos or watching your videos. The time of permanence is also rewarded in this social network. So do not forget to make good content, hook your followers and attract new ones.   Maybe you will see many things to consider, but above all, remember to interact with the ones you most want to see in your Instagram feed and, above all, use your account well. If you have any questions at BCM we can help you develop your strategy so that you can succeed in this social network, contact us.

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