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Indispensable inbound marketing tools

Indispensable inbound marketing tools

Inbound marketing is a non-intrusive method of contacting your clients and guiding them throughout the purchase process, providing them with the appropriate content in each of the stages of their purchase funnel until the final transaction. Far from being isolated actions, inbound marketing is a puzzle of highly complex automated actions and reactions. For its success, it is essential that the system works like clockwork and customer contacts occur in the correct order.

The process must integrate traffic attraction techniques, email marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, social networks, analytics, etc. And all this simultaneously with a large volume of users.

Therefore, it is impossible to run an effective inbound marketing campaign without having a suitable automation tool.

What marketing automation software provides

Inbound marketing automation software not only saves you from monotonous and repetitive analysis tasks, but also makes it easier for you to perform more complex and precise actions. In this way you can focus on the most strategic actions where you add the most value.

Marketing automation allows you to push your contacts through the conversion funnel with lead nurturing and to order and qualify your databases with lead scoring techniques. With good inbound marketing software you can analyse in depth the purchasing cycle of your customers. This is achieved thanks to detailed data such as the attribution of each transaction or which campaign achieves the best performance.

For this reason, there is a large amount of software specifically for inbound and marketing automation on the market. The biggest challenge for marketing departments is to find the tool that best integrates with the company's CRM and thus take full advantage of the data flow it manages. Not surprisingly, data is now considered the new oil.

However, there are currently more than 8,000 digital tools on the market, of which more than 300 are for marketing automation. It is therefore very difficult to select the most suitable software for your company.

Today we want to help you make this decision by selecting three of the most used programs.


  • The software that invented and popularised the concept of inbound marketing. It is a program 100% specialised in the creation, configuration, optimisation and automation of this strategy.

  • Its smart content function allows you to customise the content that each user sees when entering a website according to their preferences and previous behaviour.

  • It monitors and analyses the reach of the brand on social media and what the database contacts say.

  • Create smart forms, which allow you to fill in the data profile of contacts as they interact with your content.

  • Its integrated analysis tool allows you to track all the actions launched. In addition, the performance of each of the channels, the different CTAs, etc. Combine all marketing and sales reports in one interface.

  • In addition, Hubspot makes available to users an online academy and different courses and training certifications in the specific use of its software and in general inbound marketing techniques.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Its main advantage is that it integrates perfectly into the popular Salesforce CRM ecosystem and its customer service, support and e-commerce functionalities.

  • It has a powerful content manager for social networks capable of interweaving CRM, customer service and marketing data to improve the user experience.

  • It includes modules to offer omnichannel experiences across SMS and mobile applications.


  • This Adobe software stands out for its effective solutions adapted to the use of smartphones and tablets by users.

  • Facilitates the attraction of traffic to the website or blog with the application of organic positioning techniques (SEO) or paid positioning (SEM).

  • Implementation of lead nurturing through email marketing campaigns with a high degree of personalisation and a variety of designs.

  • Automatic filtering and scoring systems (lead scoring) to detect the contacts best prepared to make a transaction and pass them on to the sales department.

  • The Success Path Analyzer is a report that shows the relationship between marketing actions and ROI (return on investment).

Choosing the best marketing automation program for your needs is a difficult decision. At the same time, this type of software is usually expensive and offers a wide range of possibilities that are often difficult to get the most out of.

At BCM Marketing we can help you make the best decision and apply an appropriate inbound marketing strategy. We want to be your marketing department.

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