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June 04, 2019

LinkedIn Ads vs Google Ads Strategies

Google Ads vs LinkedIn Ads on B2B Strategies

They are the two main B2B online advertising platforms and both have their pros and cons. It is best to combine both to advance the objectives of our 360º marketing strategy.

Brand awareness

LinkedIn Ads: Of the three types of campaigns existing on LinkedIn Ads, the most appropriate to achieve brand awareness are:

  • Sponsored content campaign: Promoted publications that will appear on the wall of the users who comply with our segmentation.
  • Text ad campaign: ads that appear on the sidebar.

Google Ads: It is very effective to promote a company or product directly at the level of bran-ding, or even to place us above the competition when they look for them.

Depending on the marketing objective, we will opt for a type of campaign Search, Display, Video, Discovery, Shopping or Universal App. You can also choose whether your ad will appear in the search results, a YouTube video on a related topic, etc.

Reaching our future customers

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, with more than 500 million members.

It handles invaluable information and allows us to segment our ads according to parameters and professional specifications impossible to achieve by other means. For example: "logistics managers of Spanish companies with more than 200 employees".

LinkedIn Ads allows you to choose up to 100 segmentation methods in your campaigns. Some of them are:

  • By location
  • By company name
  • By position or profession
  • By number of employees of the company
  • By universities where they have studied
  • By academic degrees obtained
  • By aptitude
  • By professional groups to which they belong
  • By sex
  • For years of experience

At the LinkedIn bidding level it is possible to bid per click, regardless of how many times the ad is posted, or per impressions, regardless of how many times users click on the link.

Google Ads: Offers a wide variety of targets for your campaigns:

  • Increase phone calls to the company.
  • Increase visits.
  • Direct customers to our website.

Generate leads

LinkedIn: 12 million managers and 6 million SMEs are on LinkedIn. A good way to reach those of us who are interested is to create a campaign of sponsored InMail messages: private emails that will reach the LinkedIn mailbox of the target audience. Although these are messages within the LinkedIn network, many users have this function associated with their personal email, so it can be almost an emailing campaign.

Google: We can not define the profile of the leads that we get in such a detailed way, because to that in Google advertising we buy keywords search, and not user profiles. However, we will get leads that are actively looking for information about the need they need to satisfy, and the cost of acquisition can be much lower than LinkedIn.

Advancing funnel marketing

LinkedIn Ads: Now offers remarketing options that allow us to specifically target users who have already shown interest in our services or products and have visited our website. One content that works very well on LinkedIn Ads is to offer an infoproduct as a free ebook.

Google Ads: Offers advertisers a wide variety of options to attract traffic and generate business. One strategy could be to start with a YouTube campaign that helps us generate an audience that we will then reach with a remarketing display campaign with a top of the funnel offer. From there we will be able to target those who click on that campaign with a new offer based specifically on our products.

Continuous improvement

LinkedIn Ads: The ads on LinkedIn are reviewed one by one, in a period that can be extended up to 24 hours. It has recently introduced the A/B test option, which allows several versions of our ads to be simultaneously checked to see which works best.

Google Ads: It includes almost unlimited testing options, such as campaign experiments, which affect groups of ads, or variations of specific ads.

Reaching your goals

LinkedIn: Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are cheaper, but investing on LinkedIn Ads campaigns can have a very positive ROI for the B2B oriented company, as they allow access to more valuable potential customers. The minimum budget is 10 USD per day per campaign.

Google Ads: It is not possible to do an online advertising campaign without Google, a silver form that processes almost 40,000 searches per second.

Do you want to promote your company with a campaign on LinkedIn Ads or Google Ads? Ask us for a quote without obligation, in BCM Marketing we advise you on the ones you need.

Our 25 years of experience are shared in our blog and with our customers.

We have a lot to share with you, you can visit our project portfolio or read more articles.

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