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February 19, 2019

Appear in the first search results with a website

Tricks to improve the positioning of your website and climb to the first page of search?

Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing have become the reference for many users when they want to locate a company. In this way, those thick phone books are losing thickness and importance. In general, for a person who has an Internet connection, it is easier and faster to consult any type of information on Google.

Although we have mentioned three search engines, the most used is Google. That's why we always pay attention to their search results. The results are organized in ten by ten per page. Mainly, the first 10 are important because that's where the user is going to click.  In the rest of pages is less likely.

This is going to enter one or several of the websites on that first page because it is trying to locate a product and / or service. Therefore, that first page of results is clearly a gateway to potential customers. Are you going to want to be on that first page? Do you want to know how to improve SEO?

How to win positions in search results

What we are trying to do is to make sure that users find our website in a natural way. In short, it's all about improving SEO or positioning your website on the first page of a Google search. Here we provide you with a series of indications:

Without 404

By this we mean that it is vital that when Google robots enter our site they do not find any 404 type errors or what is the same non-existent page. Special care must be taken when migrating the website from one server to another or from HTTP protocol to HTTPS.  It is important to do it well because it can lead to many non-existent pages.


The more quality content the web has, the better it will position the web. Also, the domain will have more authority.

The domain

Many times it is not taken into account that the domain can also make it easier for us to position the web. If, for example, we offer marketing services and our site is called we will have more chances of being found if someone is looking for marketing. But sometimes the domain name is given to us by the company itself, so we can add the type of service by which we want to position ourselves to improve the SEO. So in the case of a bus transport company we would add the word buses to the domain name (company Of course, we would do this if we start from a website that is not yet created.

If we want to change the domain, we would first need to check how the page ranks. This is what authority the page has for Google.

Index only what is relevant

It doesn't matter that absolutely all the pages are indexed in Google. In the case of pages made with WordPress it is common to find pages of tags or indexed categories. This causes duplicate content to be indexed or to be very poor. But if you want to position the website, it is recommended to unindex pages such as "Privacy Policy", "Cookies Policy", etc.

Duplicate content prohibited

Content remains the king of any website. Above all, it favours content that is extensive, current and that contains keywords. See what users are looking for to write about it. This will allow you to position the web. For this you can use tools such as Answerthepublic, or Übbersuggest.

But remember there is no point in duplicating the content. By this we mean not only plagiarism from other websites, but also copying our own content in order to increase the text. This action penalises. This means that it relegates us to pages very posterior to the first positions.


We have to get other pages pointing to our website. This is that a text from your website links us to ours. Ideally, these links should be on pages whose subject matter is related to ours.

Check that in the social networks you have included the link to the web. Normally this is forgotten and is a very simple way to get links. Then we can get others simply by making comments on blogs or forums, in which we must include the link to our website. Sometimes they will let you do it automatically, but other times the administrator of that website will prevent it.

Integration of social networks

In relation to the previous point, not only should social networks point to our website, but these must also be included in the web. This means that we must reserve a space on our website from where we can access social networks.

These are some of the many recommendations that exist and if you follow them, little by little you will see that they help to position the web better. However, it is a slow process, a long-distance race. However, our recommendation is that you put yourself in the hands of an expert who will perform the audit of your website to analyze and know exactly the status of it, as well as give you an orientation for your website to get in the top ten positions of a Google search. At BCM we will be delighted to advise you, would you like us to help you?

We share our 25 years of experience in our blog and with our clients.

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