Operational marketing strategy

Commercial strategy design

In order to find solutions that provide profitability in the short and medium term, we design an operational marketing strategy where we define sales actions and tactics in order to reach your company's target audience. Also known as tactical marketingoperational marketing depends directly on strategic marketing - which defines the company's global strategy and commercial policies - and deals with direct commercial action based on the strategy previously set.

Put a marketing agency at your company's service

The BCM Marketing team, specialised in different areas of marketing, has the experience of having carried out projects for large companies in the industrial sector. Through outsourcing, you will have the experience and professionalism of a 360 Marketing agency which is a considerable competitive advantage, as it allows you to focus internal efforts on product development and the actions of the commercial network.

Global marketing strategies 

Regardless of a company's business volume, any project must take into account the marketing to be carried out to attract and retain its buyer persona or ideal customer. In this sense, a global marketing strategy allows unification of the most important marketing criteria of a company in order to design and execute the actions in an orderly manner and in line with the ultimate goal of the company beyond short-term profitability.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

Our operational marketing experts become an essential part of your team.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B

We design a 360º Marketing strategy tailored to your communication channels.

BCM Marketing Digital - Marketing 360

Combining all operational marketing efforts in one direction

We analyse the interests of your audience and design global marketing strategies to attract and retain your ideal customers by offering a value proposition.


We become part of your team to design and execute 360º Marketing actions.

As specialists in different marketing areas, we study your audience and carry out 360º Marketing actions.

Marketing Digital - Marketing 360 - BCM Marketing B2B